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2019/2020 Tryout Registration

SHAHA will be holding tryouts for the 2019/20 season from April 22nd - April 28th (Midgets through May 3).  To register, please follow the link above.

  April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26
5-6PM Squirt AA Alpha 1 Pee Wee AA Squirt AA    
6-7PM Squirt AA Alpha 2 Squirt AA Pee Wee AA Squirt A/B Alpha 2 Pee Wee A/B Alpha 2
7-8PM Pee Wee AA Alpha 1 Squirt/Pee Wee Goalie U13 AAA Squirt A/B Alpha 1 Pee Wee A/B Alpha 1
8-9PM Pee Wee AA Alpha 2


Alpha 1

Bantam/Midget Goalie U13 AAA Bantam AA/A/B Alpha 2
9-10PM U16 A


Alpha 2

U16A U16AA Bantam AA/A/B Alpha 1


  April 27 April 28
8-9AM Pee Wee A/B Group 2 Squirt A/B Group 2
9-10AM Pee Wee A/B Group 1 Squirt A/B Group 1
10-11AM Bantam AA/A/B Group 2 Pee Wee A/B Group 2
11AM-12PM Bantam AA/A/B Group 1 Pee Wee A/B Group 1
12-1PM Squirt A/B Group 2 Bantam AA/A/B Group 2
1-2PM Squirt A/B Group 1 Bantam AA/A/B Group 1
2-3PM Girls 12U Girls 12U
3-4PM U18AA  


  May 2 May 3
5-6PM U18AA U16AA


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