SHAHA Documents and Policies

DocumentUSA Hockey Concussion Management - Return to Play Form2023Link2
DocumentSafeSport Reporting Form2024Link2
DocumentParent Code of Conduct2024Link2
DocumentPlayer Code of Conduct2024Link2
Document2024-25 Payment Schedule Agreement2024Link2
DocumentAramark Volunteer Opportunity2022Link2
PolicySHAHA Locker Room Policy2022Link2
PolicySHAHA COVID-19 Policy2023Link2
PolicySHAHA DEI Policy (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)2022Link2
PolicySHAHA Travel Policy2023Link2
PolicyUSA Hockey SafeSport Handbook2023Link2
PolicySHAHA Investigation and Discipline Procedures2023Link2
PolicyFundraising Guidelines2022Link2
PolicySHAHA Logo Use Policy2022Link2
PolicySHAHA Spectator Code of Conduct2023Link2