SHAHA Coaching Compliance

Coaches and Business Managers will be required to obtain the following information to be allowed to participate as a coach or manager on a SHAHA Team.


The following applies to ALL coaches, business managers, and locker room monitors:

  •  USAH Registration - $46 Coaches (Free for Managers and Volunteers)

Required YEARLY

Deadline - August 1

  •  MidAm Screening - $30 Coaches, Managers, and locker room monitors

Required every 2 years

Deadline - August 1

**See additional instructions below**

  •  SafeSport - Free Coaches, Managers and Volunteers

Required YEARLY

Deadline - Upon expiration

  •  Pennsylvania Clearances

Required every 5 years

Deadline - August 1


Criminal Background Check 


On that main page, New Volunteer Record Check.  Follow the online instructions from there.  

Submit completed record check

Child Abuse Clearance 


Click Create Individual Account if you are new to the site and follow the steps.  When logged in, click Access My Clearances.  Click Continue on the next screen.  At the top, click Create Clearance Application.  When you begin, select the first bubble for Application Purpose (Volunteer having contact with Children).  Complete the application and you will not be charged at the end. 

Submit completed record check


If you have lived in the state of PA 10 years or more, they can sign the Act 153 form here.  Submit completed form

ONLY IF  you have NOT lived in the state of PA for more than 10 consecutive years: The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is utilizing IdentoGO to process fingerprint-based FBI criminal background checks.  The fingerprint background check is a multiple step process.  For more information and to begin the registration process, please go here.   

Submit completed record check 

The following applies to coaches only:

Coaching Age Specific Module - $10 (Coaches only)

Deadline - August 1

Instructions - Register for the module listed for the age levels that you are coaching and complete them.  If you have a co-ed team, your coach must take the girls’ module.  Please keep in mind that these are a minimum of 3 hours of online videos and tests.


Coaching Clinic Level(CEP) - $55 (Coaches only)

Deadline December 31


Instructions - Register for a clinic the clinic  you need: Level 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Clinics are typically taken yearly until you reach Level 4.  Level 4 carries for 4 years then you will be required to obtain refresher credits.  

Space and sessions are limited for clinics, so do not delay. 

You will not be permitted to step on the ice or coach on the bench starting on January 1 and for the remainder of the season if your CEP expires.   


New coaches will have to complete the Level 1 class ASAP but no later than December 31 

Mite (8 and under) coaches may remain at their current level (even if it is expired) until they begin to coach 10U and above.

MID AM Background Check Instructions:

  1. Before you begin you must have your PA Clearances (as described above).  You must have ALL THREE!!!  They do not have to be new clearances, just current (within 5 years of issuance).
  • Child Abuse History Clearance
  •  State Police Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Criminal History Background Check (ONLY if you have lived in PA LESS than 10 years)
    ■ A Volunteer Affidavit can be used in lieu of an FBI Check by anyone who
    has lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years AND is participating as a
    volunteer with USA Hockey.  Form can be found here.
  1. Once you have ALL THREE of the above documents, you can begin your screening application
  1. Follow the steps here to upload your PA clearances.

NOTE: If you have already submitted your application but did not upload your clearances please obtain copies of your clearances (ALL THREE documents) then go here:  

You can "resume application" and upload your documents.

If you DO NOT upload your PA clearances YOUR APPLICATION will just sit.  They will not contact you.  

If it has been more than 10 days since you submitted your application AND uploaded your documents, please contact for assistance.  I cannot inquire about your screening for security reasons, only you can resolve issues surrounding your background check. 


It is YOUR responsibility to maintain your credentials.

Please contact Lindsay Riether with questions.