Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League(PAHL), as well as, the Mid-American District of USA Hockey, the SHAHA Panthers compete across a wide range of skill levels, from kindergarten-aged beginners to seasoned high school varsity members.

Our families hail from many communities throughout the metropolitan region and represent a wide variety of backgrounds. Some include multiple generations of hockey players; others are new to the sport. What they share is a love for hockey and the motivation to create a supportive environment in which our young players will grow to learn and love the game.

The development of young hockey players is a complex endeavor. In addition to physical skills such as skating, stick-handling, shooting, goaltending, and positioning; players learn teamwork, dedication, commitment, and sportsmanship. Along the way, many forge lifelong friendships.

Toward that end, SHAHA’s coaches, parents, and board members strive to challenge players of all ages and skill levels and provide them the opportunity to compete against their peers in a positive setting.

Many of the principles that the SHAHA organization strive towards are discussed by Don Lucia in this video clip. He discusses the importance of skill development while keeping in mind that hockey needs to remain fun for all players. This is a very inspirational clip that all parents need to watch.
At SHAHA, we have guided our organization with three basic principles that will carry us forward in the years to come:

Make it about ALL of the kids.
Make it FUN for ALL of the kids.
Make sure that ALL of the kids learn the fundamentals of hockey