Dear SHAHA athletes and families,

At Back-Check Coffee, we’re brewing up something special for a cause close to our hearts. On Saturday, December 2, we’re hosting a one-day sale where a remarkable 50% of the net profits will be donated to the SHAHA hockey organization.

Here’s your chance to make every sip count! Whether you’re a hockey enthusiast or just enjoy a great cup of coffee, your purchase will contribute directly to the growth and support of SHAHA.


– **Date:** December 2, 2023

– **Beneficiary:** SHAHA Hockey Organization

– **Discount:** $1 OFF and 50% of net profits donated (Vulcan Brew Excluded)

– **How to Order:** Visit on Saturday December 2

Make the most of this opportunity and enjoy a cup of Back-Check Coffee while making a significant impact on the SHAHA community. Encourage fellow hockey families to join in, as ordering together not only strengthens the bond but also saves on shipping costs!

Thank you for being a part of our journey to make hockey more accessible. Together, let’s score big for SHAHA!


Yours in health,

Michael Yaremko | Co-Founder

Back-Check Coffee

Cell: 412.708.9605

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