SHAHA Panthers – Beyond the Blue Line Newsletter – December


Thank you Coach Mike Nesbitt: SHAHA would like to thank Mike Nesbitt for building and enhancing the SHAHA equipment area and the Y for allowing us to do so! Mike made it much easier for us to organize and utilize all the SHAHA nets and skill equipment making practice more efficient and being able to easily access our teaching tools! Thank you Mike!


Skills Program Update: SHAHA commitment to skill development continues to be on full display. With Mike Schall leading the way as Director of Player and Coach Development, and Ray Conway as Lead Skills instructor, our fantastic team which includes Mike Yaremko (Goalies), Chris Conway (Skills) and Tyler Andrew (Skills) are making great progress. Each time we see kids on the ice on Wednesday’s and when the coaches are out with the teams during regular practice, the kids are benefitting from many more touches with our development team than ever before. We continue to look for ways to get our players more time and will continue to do so. The response to our instructors from the kids has been awesome to watch.


Pittsburgh Penguins SHAHA Nights: Exciting SHAHA discount nights at PPG Paints! Come see MAF and the Wild on his retirement tour, possibly last time in Pittsburgh on December 19th! Or take the family out for Valentine’s Day to see the Panthers on February 14th! Get your tickets now they are going fast for these games!

SHAHA Panther Gear: Reminder that the Panther Gear store is now open FULL TIME!


New Spectator Policy/Rink Behavior: SHAHA has introduced a new zero tolerance policy regarding spectator conduct and behavior at the rink. Please review as it will be enforced in full. Please remember that these are kids, this is a game, being a referee is not easy and all of this is done on two razor blades. Be respectful to each other.


SHAHA Night Out: Octoberfest was a huge success and everyone in attendance had a great time raising money for our kids. Thank you to Lindsay Riether, Nichole Hagan, Library Fire Hall, Cyd West Comfort Catering, Virgili’s and all of our team managers, teams and board members who made it happen. Thank you for all who attended, if you missed out make sure you don’t next year.

Pictures: Thank you to M&M Photography for their new approach to the SHAHA Pictures this year! They turned out fantastic, and everyone at this time should have received their emails / pictures at the rink. If you have any questions or concerns about not having received your pictures please reach out to

Rink Improvements: Our SHAHA fans are seeing much more clearly these days with new glass installation completed in most viewing areas. Earlier in November all of the boards were cleaned as well, leaving the rink feeling much more fresh. The spring ice meltdown / re-build continues to hold up strong with new edging equipment keeping the walls and corners level.

Success On and Off Ice: Teams are performing well with success being seen at all levels. It is great to see so many of our kids having a great time and giving back to the community. Hope you are all enjoying your fall road trips!


RMU Game /Fundraising Offer: If your team is interested, RMU is offering group ticket sales and fundraising opportunities. For more information, please contact Zack Cannon – Ticket Sales and Operations Associate – 412.397.4989 –

Keep the hallways clear: Before and after games, please keep the hallway entrance clear for players to enter and exit.

REMINDER Snack Bar Monitoring: The YMCA Grab and go has 24Hr active security monitoring with high-definition cameras.  The facility reserves the right to sanction anyone caught shoplifting.  Please monitor and remind your children.

As always, we thank you for being a part of our SHAHA family, we wish you ALL a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Yuletide Greetings, Happy holidays, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year and JOY CELEBRATE AND BE MERRY!

SHAHA Board of Directors

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