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SHAHA Panther Gear and Uniform Stores are NOW OPEN!


We are excited to provide another great store for you to get your gear!


A few common questions that usually come up:

  1. How long are the stores open?
    1. Uniform Store is OPEN Deadline: Sunday, May 19, 2024 (11:59 PM EDT)
    2. Apparel Store is OPEN Season Long starting now
  2. I know I am going to want a ton of shirts, do you only have one logo?
    1. Great question, there are two designs this year, the main SHAHA Logo, and an alternate “Panthers Hockey” logo. Please select the one you want based on the item.
  3. I should have my child try on their Jersey, Shell and Socks without their equipment right?
    1. NO, you should absolutely have them try on their Jersey, Shell and Socks WITH THEIR EQUIPMENT. Please consider any new equipment that you may be purchasing.
  4. But where do I even find the items to try on?
    1. Great question! They are in the lobby at the YMCA on a rack. Please do not take the items and please put them back!
  5. Man, SHAHA branded gloves would be awesome! Maybe even some CCM Branded Apparel?
    1. Great news! These are all available on the stores! Even base layer products!
  6. But wait, my child is a new Mite, do I buy all of these jerseys, shells and socks?
    1. NO! Mites have their own jerseys and socks that come as part of the mite registration and will be handled later in the summer. These uniforms are only for 10U – 18U.
  7. What about my new Mites number? Do I get to pick whatever number they want? When will I get that so I can buy some more awesome gear?
    1. Of course you want more gear, but you’ll have to wait to add a number to your gear until later in the summer when Mite numbers are assigned. If you already have a mite number and are still a mite, you are good to go! If you want your child’s favorite number, you’ll request that at a later date and will be based on preexisting number assignments and birthyears. 
  8. I can’t think of any more questions to ask right now, but who can I ask when I think of one?
    1. Always, or for PantherGear questions, check with



Shop away!

SHAHA Panther Gear – Swag Stores



SHAHA Uniform Store

OPEN UNTIL Deadline: Sunday, May 19, 2024 (11:59 PM EDT)


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