Official SHAHA logo use files can now be found on our website on the Logo and Background File page.

Please make sure you follow the SHAHA Logo Use Policy for all utilization of logo files.

South Hills Amateur Hockey Association Name and Logo Use Policy (important notes, please see complete Policy HERE)

The Board will maintain the official SHAHA Panthers logo and has the authority to modify it at its discretion
An alternate logo may also be maintained by the Board at its discretion
No other logos are permitted to be created or used

The logo may not be used for any purpose until approved by the Board
The Board, at its sole discretion, may designate a person to individually approve certain types of uses of the logo
Pre-approval is not required for Board members conducting business-as-usual activities on behalf of SHAHA, such asfor communications, the SHAHA website, advertising, organizational announcements or equipment management

Eligible Requests:
Permission may be sought by the following parties:
oCompanies that are approved as an authorized vendor of SHAHA merchandise
oApproved vendors utilized for organizational fundraising efforts
oMembers in good standing for the purpose of holding team fundraising efforts
Intention of use includes, but is not limited to, the creation of alternate (3rd) jerseys, clothing, apparel, brandedequipment, raffle/lottery tickets and miscellaneous souvenirs or novelty items

Prohibited Uses:
Any use related to alcohol, tobacco, weapons or firearms
Uses that may violate applicable law, USA Hockey and related governing body rules or conditions set forth by rinkmanagement

Approval Process:
Permission must be requested to the SHAHA President or other designated person in writing
Submission will be made via a form or other method the Board deems acceptable, but the content must include thefollowing details:
oIndividual making the proposal and SHAHA affiliation (“Submitter”)
oDetailed reasons for use
oSamples or designs of the items, tickets or goods (“merchandise”) being proposed
oVendor creating the merchandise and information about affiliations with that vendor
oTime period of the intended use



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