We are very thankful for our SHAHA family members and we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Rink Operations over the next couple weeks:

  • Weekday Practices are scheduled as normal with the exception of the following
  • Blackout Dates – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day

Spencer YMCA Rink Upgrades:

We are excited to share some upcoming upgrades to the Spencer YMCA for our SHAHA Panthers

  • This coming May, all flooring in the entire building will be replaced with new rubber, including the bench areas.
  • Bench areas being upgraded with new bottle holders
  • New netting will be added to surround the rink area
  • New glass has been acquired and is being installed first in viewing area, but enough for the entire rink as needed
  • New Zamboni with Laser leveling system
  • Panther board graphics on order as well as window films for front YMCA Window
  • Working with the YMCA on long term planning on other upgrades such as the board systems and other rink improvements

Santa Visit:

  • Our 8U Mites got a visit from Santa this week, Santa wanted to ensure they knew that their penalties wouldn’t count against them.
  • The amount of smiles around the rink were excellent! Thank you to our coaches for helping to coordinate, Santa’s Elf and Santa for making time to stop by the Y!

SHAHA Night Out:

  • Thank you first off to Nichole Hagan and Lindsay Riether as the main organizers of the SHAHA Night Out. The work often goes unnoticed and it is not insignificant.
  • Thank you to all of our teams who put together some fantastic baskets and prizes and thank you to all who attended! It was a great event.
  • Even with several hurdles this year, we had 250 SHAHA members and family enjoy a great night of entertainment, food and dancing which raised money to put back into our SHAHA program.

Season is in full swing:

  • There have been some fantastic games played at the Y over the last few months, be proud to be a Panther!
  • Please make sure we all carry ourselves with Panther pride in our barn and in others.
  • Digital images of all team photos have been added to https://www.shaha.org/teams/ Thank you to M&M Photography!
  • We have noticed some very successful performances by our teams throughout the region and the country. Please make sure to submit any photos / videos for posting to communications@shaha.org

Snack Bar Monitoring:

  • Please be reminded that the snack bar has 24Hr active security monitoring with high definition cameras.
  • Please monitor your players and children as well as remind your players and children of this.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

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