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Board Changes and Nominations

By Ron Michalak, 01/23/19, 10:30AM EST


SHAHA Families,

The sport of hockey always adapts and changes with the times with new training and coaching techniques, safer equipment, and rule modifications to improve the game.  As an organization, we must also adapt to the evolving needs of the organization while effectively managing the business aspects with our dedicated volunteer staff.

We wanted to take a moment today to inform our membership of some changes that we are making in the structure of our Board of Directors to better serve our hockey families, and to start collecting nominations for the positions up for election.

When making these changes, there were several guiding principles that drove this change:

  • Ensuring that the Executive Committee is structured so that important leadership roles are not all up for election at the same time
  • Align and combine positions where warranted to ensure that every Director has a balanced set of responsibilities.  This includes on-ice related positions to best support our players and coaches through development and training opportunities
  • Support a total number of Directors that provides an adequate representation of the membership in line with the size of our organization

After significant deliberation and debate, detailed below is the make-up of the 2019/20 SHAHA Board of Directors which was approved at the January 6, 2019 Board meeting.

Executive Committee

Additional Board Members


Player and Coaching Development

Vice President

ADM Coordinator

Registrar / Secretary

Development and Placement

Coaches / ACE Coordinator

Communications / Head of Business Managers

Ice Scheduler

Equipment Manager


Past President


With the new make-up of the Board, here are the changes from the current structure:

  • Vice President – The position of the Vice President has been split from the Registrar position as a stand-alone role.  Responsibilities include serving as SHAHA’s representative at PAHL meetings, chairing the Discipline Committee, maintaining all website/SportsEngine activity and managing other responsibilities assigned by the President or Board
  • Registrar/Secretary – The standard duties of the Registrar for roster management have been combined with the Secretary position
  • ADM Coordinator – As was previously the case at SHAHA, this stand-alone role is responsible for all aspects of the Mite program throughout the entire year
  • Development and Placement – The responsibilities of the Team Coordinator for tryouts and team placement have been combined with the management of all development programs including the Little Penguins “Learn to Play” sessions.
  • Communications / Head of Business Managers – The responsibility of leading all Business Managers has been added to the Communications position.  While the Registrar will communicate with Business Managers for roster documentation, the purpose of this role is to help communicate with teams on PAHL processes, fundraising, organization events, and to serve as a direct contact to the Board for feedback from the membership.


With this new structure, several positions are up for election for a two-year term starting April 1, 2019.  Nominations are now open for the following roles until Friday, February 1st. 

2019 Election:

Nominations can be sent to, detailing the position that you wish to run for, and why you would like to be a member of the Board.  Nominations will be reviewed at our next Board meeting on February 3, 2019 and we plan to host elections the week of February 11th via online voting.

As a reminder, there are requirements detailed in our Bylaws to run for a Board position and we have created a more detailed list of expectations to help understand the general responsibilities of each Board member:

  • Zero Balance from past seasons and up to date on current payments in current season;
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for governance;
  • Areas of interest and expertise beneficial to the Corporation; and
  • Commitment to the interests of the Corporation.

If you have any questions about running for the Board, or about this change in the Board’s make-up, please feel free to reach out to Ron Michalak at


SHAHA Board of Directors